A proprietary, multi-phase, hybrid (fueled by Granular Behavioral Analysis™ (GBA) qual./quant. approach for identifying an organization’s best market opportunities for “where to play” (innovation territories) and “how to win” (addressing the needs of each territory) as a way to guide an organization’s innovation and growth efforts.

This approach combines “traditional” Innovation Mapping data collection methods (a moderated consumer diary and/or discussion board) with Sylver’s proprietary Granular Behavior AnalysisTM, a detailed coding (quantification of the qual. data) and multi step bottom-up analysis of data collected, rather than a simple, qual.-only, top-down analytic approach.

The result is innovation territories that are rich and nuanced and deeply rooted in reliable and verified consumer needs and behavior. Each territory reveals unique tensions (Need States) and Desired User Experiences (DUEs), which become rich fuel for the development of platform-based innovation, rather than context-based, niche products.

How it works

Innovation Mapping (Fueled by Granular Behavioral Analysis™ (GBA) supports transformative decision-making around the filling of your innovation pipeline.