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Lead with Purpose:
How to Implement Design into Your Organization

by Emma McLane

Recent market reports make the business case for design. Yet, each falls short in defining the steps required to scale design for maximum impact within organizations. Demystifying how to scale the impact of design was the intent behind the “Lead with Purpose” initiative, spearheaded by the IIT Institute of Design and industry partners: Capital One, Ford, Google, Philips, Salesforce, and VMLY&R.

So how exactly can you implement design into your org? Here are three ways to get started:

  1. It begins with you.

    The case has been made for design but it takes business leaders, researchers, and designers to elevate design’s status and reputation throughout the business world.

  2. Use the “Intent to Effect” pathway:

    Start with the organization's vision - the intent. From there utilize design skills like storytelling, prototyping, foresight, facilitation, collaboration, and systems thinking to support making the vision tangible. When you make visions tangible, you fuel stakeholder alignment and enable big impact - the effect.

  3. Design isn't just for researchers or designers.

    Design is for everyone. Use the report as a guide on how to advocate for the growth of design’s role in organizations.

Sylver Consulting partnered with IIT Institute of Design to create this groundbreaking report about the future of design. It exists due to the dedication and collaboration of so many. Thank you to everyone who worked on this report (see the full list of contributors in the report appendix)!

Download the report now to gain a roadmap for how to ready your organization for the great impact that design can enable in 2021.

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