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Brianna Sylver Interviewed by Female Insight Zone

by Carrie Graham

The Female Insight Zone Podcast interviews inspiring female business leaders to reveal insights into their successes, failures, and how they have been overcome. It is a great resource for established and aspiring business professionals alike who are seeking inspiration to face the challenges of their roles head on.

So of course when Brianna was asked to do an interview by FIZ host, Dr. Maribeth Kuzmeski, she was ecstatic! What better opportunity to share her journey as the founder of Sylver Consulting? It also seemed like a welcoming platform to discuss the positive impact that tapping into spirituality can have on business outcomes.

Here are some key points of advice that Brianna shared with the FIZ audience:

  • Leverage how you best connect with people to find new clients.
    Brianna has grown her company by leaning into her relationship-based, go-giving spirit, expanding her client base by talking to people at conferences and networking on LinkedIn.
  • You have been called to serve others by helping them solve problems.
    If you’re uncomfortable selling your services, change your perception: Remember that you are helping people rise to the best version of themselves as an individual or organization.
  • Don’t be afraid to marry the spiritual and business aspects of your life.
    Brianna overcame a challenging time in her career by tapping into her spirituality and cultivating it in a purposeful way through her business.
  • Re-engineer your business systems to support continuous, sustainable growth.
    The systems that brought you to a particular point of growth may not be the systems that are going to take you to the next level.
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