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Farm to Fame: How PineMelon Grew From a Sylver Survey to the Silver Screen

by Brianna Sylver and Santana Wright

In 2023, Sylver Consulting had the privilege of collaborating with PineMelon, an online grocery-delivery service in the Denver community.

Pinemelon is a mission-based online grocer. They partner with local vendors and farmers, serving as a sustainable distributor for local food producers of the region.

When Pinemelon approached Sylver Consulting, they had been in business for a year, but needed to grow their core customer base in Denver, in order to make traction on their goal of expanding into at least two additional metro territories in the span of 5 years. Sylver Consulting leaned in with the Pinemelon team to get to work on refining their Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy, all in service of helping to support that expansion goal.

More specifically, a four-phased process was used to support Pinemelon:

Phase 1:

Setting the Stage for Success” Kick Off

This 90-minute workshop was designed to set clear focus and intention around the specific actionable insight goals of the initiative.

Phase 2:

Light Market Quant

A survey was fielded among N=300 Denver residents to benchmark Pinemelon’s penetration and awareness within its current market.

Phase 3:

Three-Day Online Qual Board

N=24 current and prospective customers engaged in a three-day online discussion to understand Pinemelon’s current value proposition.

Phase 4:

Sensemaking Workshop

A 4-hour, in-person session was facilitated to process the data gathered in Phases 2 & 3 and to align on the strategic implications and next-step actions for Pinemelon’s GTM strategy.

The Pinemelon team was a joy to work with and the outcomes speak for themselves.

We’re proud to share the TV spot that Pinemelon produced as a result of our work together. Micaela and Brady, two of Sylver’s researchers on the project, share their reactions to the tv spot in real-time, reflecting on how expertly Pinemelon's team integrated the findings of our work together into the next expression of the company to the community!

We’re also delighted—beyond measure—to share that Pinemelon is tracking fast towards its 5 year vision of expansion into two additional metro markets. Less than 1 year out from this project, Pinemlon has now expanded its footprint to bring quality, locally sourced products to Boulder, Colorado.

Many congrats, PineMelon team! We see you and honor you…you’ve done an amazing job of taking action on the #insights emerging from our work together. May the growth continue tenfold for you all!

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