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Storytelling is an essential tool for enabling transformative growth and change

by Brianna Sylver

Today I celebrate the power of STORYTELLING! At Sylver Consulting, a big chunk of our work efforts go towards aligning diverse stakeholders of an organization around a shared vision of growth, which more times than not means that we are shaking up the status quo of how things have been done in the past.

Always this growth vision comes with uncertainty and unfamiliarity — two states that can often perpetuate anxiety.

Abating that anxiety and grounding and centering people in a shared vision forward is the value of good storytelling. It allows people to stay in action in pursuit of the inspiring vision that they have created vs. going down the rabbit of hole of "what if ..." defeatism.

I had the great pleasure to sit down with David Paull of Engagious at the Insights Association’s Corporate Researcher's Conference this past Fall to discuss the core principles of storytelling and, more specifically, how organizations should seek to manage their narratives to show up with presence in the market.

This is a quick podcast — just 13 minutes in length.

I encourage you to take a listen and then reach out to me to share what resonated with you. I so look forward to hearing from you!

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