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Market Growth with Firefox OS

We were so interested to see this great article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek concerning Mozilla’s growth in emerging markets. Sylver was able to contribute to the market research for the Firefox OS, and we’re pleased to see the innovation and development linked to their presence in new mobile technology. Is the Firefox Mobile Operating System a […]

4 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Product Development Research

In the market research industry, discussions around new product development research all too often focus on methodologies and techniques. Bottom line, there are many stages to a product’s development. Different research methodologies are more or less relevant depending upon the stage that you’re in and the focus of a particular study. I won’t rehash what […]

Innovation: A Growth Resolution for 2011

Innovation is one of today’s buzzwords so it’s no surprise that many business resolutions include a commitment to innovate. Unfortunately, like personal resolutions, the desire to innovate could fade very quickly. So what can you do to put action behind your innovation? Based on what we learned by working with multinationals and large-sized companies, here […]

Brianna will teach a class at the IIT Institute of Design this Fall

Starting October 19 continuing through December 07, Brianna will be teaching a class on user research at the IIT Institute of Design. The class “Research Methods for Product Development” is part of the Institute of Design’s graduate program. In this class, students learn how to do research planning in a methodical way.

Sylver Plays Serious With Legos

At the September meeting of the Chicago Product Managers Association, ChiPMA, we had the opportunity to gain basic understanding of the strategies of Pathfinder’s Agile Project Management process.

What makes a “Wow” product?

In my opinion, there’s a difference between having a product with a good customer experience and one that delivers a “wow” experience. A “wow” experience is hard to come by. (As is a good customer experience if you don’t take the proper precautions during a product’s development, but that’s for another post…) In order for […]