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15… 16… More Diverse Points of View

Reflecting on the current year, my immediate emotions are happiness and excitement; 2015 was a year of fun and challenging research due to the diversity of projects and within projects (client, scale, topic, problem to solve, approach, etc.) that I was a part of. Adding to the excitement was the copious amount of participants I […]

Market Growth with Firefox OS

We were so interested to see this great article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek concerning Mozilla’s growth in emerging markets. Sylver was able to contribute to the market research for the Firefox OS, and we’re pleased to see the innovation and development linked to their presence in new mobile technology. Is the Firefox Mobile Operating System a […]

Sylver and Mozilla Deliver Engaging Presentation at Northwestern University

Sylver Consulting’s President, Brianna Sylver, and Mozilla’s User Experience Research Manager, Cori Schauer, recently shared background and insights from their collaborative work together in Latin America at Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute. Their presentation, “Designing for the Next 2 Billion Users: Firefox OS Focuses on Emerging Markets,” showcased how their collaborative efforts to understand the values, […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Capturing (and Sharing) the Climb

2012 gave Sylver the opportunity to help Mozilla chart new territory related to the development of their new mobile phone, taking us to Brazil and other locales in Latin America. Beyond the work being cool, (Come on, studying mobile behaviors in emerging markets? Can we say AWESOME!), it’s been a new, different, and wonderful experience […]

3 Tips on Achieving Diary Study Success Despite Socioeconomic Barriers

Our recent three part series on diary studies took a look at the mechanics and best practices of conducting a diary study. But, what do you do when levels of education and accessibility to technology don’t align with how you might conduct your average diary study? Do you abandon ship, assuming that this is the very best research method to use for the data that you seek? At Sylver, we say “not necessarily.” Instead, you get creative and start thinking outside of the box.