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How to Win with Millennials? Stop Generalizing Them and Quit Asking How “I” Can Win

September 22, 2016  Author: Jean McDonnell

How to Win with Millennials? Stop Generalizing Them and Quit Asking How “I” Can Win I’m what you might call an “ambivalent” Millennials expert. I’ve spent an entire career studying and following this particular generational cohort from their early childhood years up through their transition into adolescence, young adulthood, and more recently into parenthood. I’ve […]

The UX Careers Handbook is here!

June 21, 2016  Author: Brianna

We are thrilled to announce that our President and Founder, Brianna Sylver, was recently published in a comprehensive new resource for the UX world. Grab a copy of The UX Careers Handbook to see what she has to say in her write-up, “UX For Market Researchers.”

Diffusing the War Between Market Researchers and User Experience Researchers

May 16, 2016  Author: Brianna

As many of you know, Sylver Consulting is uniquely positioned in the marketplace at the intersection of Market Research, User Experience and Strategy. I’ve always known this positioning to be valuable to Sylver’s clients. Yet, up until a year ago, I was continually dissatisfied with all articulations that I had attempted to define the specific […]

Designers didn’t mix that much with Engineers. That got me thinking.

March 22, 2016  Author: Adriano

A lot of people talk about the need for establishing more connections between design and other disciplines, such as engineering and business administration. As a result, many schools have put together graduate programs to think about the way in which design can combine the best of creativity, imagination, and alternative approaches to come up with […]

Which Statistical Analyses are Appropriate for your Research Question and Survey Design?

January 28, 2015  Author: Kelly

Quantitative (quant.) studies can be overwhelming. When there are pages and pages of numbers in front of you, it can be comforting to have some indication as to which of those numbers are the most “important.” Some people look to statistical significance as a way to find those key numbers, but in my opinion statistical […]

What’s Innovation Research and how is it different from Market Research?

December 1, 2014  Author: Jean McDonnell

I recently celebrated my 6 month anniversary at Sylver Consulting . . . 6 months since I officially crossed over from the world I was professionally raised in (market research consulting) to the world I now, happily, call home (design-based innovation research). Innovation Research is not new to me. I’ve been an avid fan and […]

4 Ways to Mitigate Risk in Product Development Research

November 4, 2011  Author: Brianna

In the market research industry, discussions around new product development research all too often focus on methodologies and techniques. Bottom line, there are many stages to a product’s development. Different research methodologies are more or less relevant depending upon the stage that you’re in and the focus of a particular study. I won’t rehash what […]

What Can Human-Centered Design Do For Your Company?

May 20, 2011  Author: Adriano

Once a year the IIT-Institute of Design brings together top executives and academics to compare strategies and discuss the role of design in exploring emerging opportunities, solving complex problems and achieving long-lasting strategic advantage for global businesses. This event happened last week at The Institute of Design’s Strategy Conference 2011, which took place at the Spertus Institute, 610 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, on May 12 and 13.

Brianna will teach a class at the IIT Institute of Design this Fall

October 14, 2010  Author: Adriano

Starting October 19 continuing through December 07, Brianna will be teaching a class on user research at the IIT Institute of Design. The class “Research Methods for Product Development” is part of the Institute of Design’s graduate program. In this class, students learn how to do research planning in a methodical way.

Should you rethink listening to your customers? I don’t think so.

January 22, 2010  Author: Brianna

A thread of discussion in the industry lately, stating that the way to get ahead is to stop listening to your customer, is leaving me a bit uncomfortable. The premise of this conversation is that reaching out to your customers is only allowing you to get to the next incremental improvement on an existing product or service, while the big innovation is being left on the table.