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Upping the Ante on Hybrid Methodologies Brings a Holistic View to Positioning

March 22, 2016  Author: Jean McDonnell

In preparation for this month’s edition of Sylver’s newsletter, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the nature and evolution of what is commonly referred to in the insights industry as “hybrid” research. As someone who has been trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods and has used each approach individually and in combination […]

15… 16… More Diverse Points of View

November 17, 2015  Author: Matthew

Reflecting on the current year, my immediate emotions are happiness and excitement; 2015 was a year of fun and challenging research due to the diversity of projects and within projects (client, scale, topic, problem to solve, approach, etc.) that I was a part of. Adding to the excitement was the copious amount of participants I […]

We Have Found a New Office Space!

October 20, 2015  Author: Adriano

We are beginning an exciting new phase in our company’s life.  We have been in our current space for almost four years and felt it was time to transition into something that would address our needs completely and allow for future growth…two things that are very hard to do that when you rent an office […]

Does Your Identity Enable or Hinder Transformation and Innovation?

October 20, 2015  Author: Brianna

Many years ago, I wrote an article entitled, “What Does Innovation Really Mean?” And then based on that article, I was asked to speak and give a few workshops on the topic. One of those workshops was for a client, Marriott International. One of the exercises I had put together to facilitate the workshop required […]

The Foundations of Change

October 19, 2015  Author: Perry Shaffer

We all know that change is inevitable. Industry shifts and new technologies/methods come into play, for instance, that results in first a pause … and then a shift.       Sylver Consulting operates at the intersection of market research, user experience, and strategy. Each of these industries have seen major shifts in the past […]

The Welcomed Quiet Disruption of Transition

October 19, 2015  Author: Matthew

Sylver is in continual transition and better for this. Permanent team members join and then eventually leave, shaping Sylver along the way. Contract workers come and go, come back. Some stay (myself included). Our physical space is also experiencing a shift from our current rented studio/office to a new building (2016) that will be designed […]

Jen’s Ruminations on Co-Creation

August 26, 2015  Author: Jen Gzesh

As we have been preparing for this “co-creation”-themed newsletter, I have thought a lot about what I personally believe co-creation is. It is a term that is used so often in the innovation industry, and a word we use to represent many meanings. I read many articles about what other people believe the term means, […]

Customer Service #Fail from Jawbone Shows How Quick One Can Move from a State of Brand Lover to Distruster

May 27, 2015  Author: Brianna

I’m writing this post with grave disappointment in a brand that I — for the past 9 months — have not only been a lover of, but an evangelist for. Jawbone, as a company, has let me down. Not only do I feel used and abused as a customer, but also from a good business […]

Sylver’s 11th Birthday

September 12, 2014  Author: Perry Shaffer

Sylver Consulting just celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, so the team decided to reflect on where we all were eleven years ago. Brianna: September 10th, 2003, Brianna was crammed into her bedroom closet, avoiding the noise of construction on the street while she closed her first client on the phone for Sylver Consulting. An inauspicious beginning […]

Goodbye 2012; Hello 2013!

December 18, 2012  Author: Brianna

As we sit in our new — and rockin’ — workshop space, the entire team is amazed how quickly 2012 has passed. We started the year with some ambitious goals, in hopes of continuing to build the momentum we had created in 2011.  We’re thrilled to report that we met all goals for 2012 and […]