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The UX Careers Handbook is here!

June 21, 2016  Author: Brianna

We are thrilled to announce that our President and Founder, Brianna Sylver, was recently published in a comprehensive new resource for the UX world. Grab a copy of The UX Careers Handbook to see what she has to say in her write-up, “UX For Market Researchers.”

Sylver Consulting Grows its Quantitative Research Offerings with the Addition of Robert Maihofer as its Senior Market Research Analyst

November 17, 2015  Author: Admin

  Robert’s role is to continue to expand Sylver Consulting quantitative market research offerings. This expansion will improve a client’s consumer insights experience by providing a seamless integration of qualitative and quantitative market research phases. Robert has extensive experience consulting and managing customer satisfaction/Net Promoter Score (NPS), new product and service testing, point-of-sale testing, brand […]

It’s official!! The title of “biggest” now goes to Millennials

July 7, 2015  Author: Jean McDonnell

              Perhaps you thought that the topic of Millennials could not get any bigger. Well, you’d be wrong. 2015 is a very big-deal year for Millennials. A double-hitting, record-breaking year, in fact. 1. This is the year that Millennials surpass the outsized Baby Boom generation as the nation’s largest […]

Customer Service #Fail from Jawbone Shows How Quick One Can Move from a State of Brand Lover to Distruster

May 27, 2015  Author: Brianna

I’m writing this post with grave disappointment in a brand that I — for the past 9 months — have not only been a lover of, but an evangelist for. Jawbone, as a company, has let me down. Not only do I feel used and abused as a customer, but also from a good business […]

Stand out with market research: how can your company use market research strategically?

April 6, 2015  Author: Adriano

  ________________________________________________ Have you ever wondered where all U.S. market research investments are going and how market research can be valuable for your company? Check out this easy-to-follow infographic that shows how market research methods transform investments into high value outcomes in a three-step process: 1. Total Investments Made (2014 estimate): This section compares the […]

Pinterest And Research: An Obvious Match

March 23, 2012  Author: Admin

My official title around here is “Administrative Coordinator” but around the Sylver offices, I’m more affectionately known as the Social Media Goddess.  I earned this nickname in part because I am passionate about watching and keeping up with the latest in social media trends. One of those trends is the fast-growing newcomer, Pinterest.  Unless you’ve […]

QR Codes: An Innovation in Networking

April 8, 2011  Author: Brianna

As you flip through the pages of a magazine these days, you might have started to notice these small square boxes with random pixilations and wondered what kind of secret code it was. It’s actually not so much a secret as it is a surprise.

Brianna was interviewed for the blog Bulletproof Career, Chicago Style

December 3, 2010  Author: Adriano

In the post entitled “The Accidental Entrepreneur” Brianna shared her advice and experience as an entrepreneur who followed her passion and broke out on her own. You can read Brianna’s tips here.

Social Media Monetization: Are We Approaching It the Right Way?

June 18, 2010  Author: Brianna

What’s the value of the time that you spend on social media? Are you wasting time or creating value?

Springtime is a Great Time to Freshen up Your Site

May 17, 2010  Author: Brianna

As a market grows, your consumer base grows along with it. Sometimes the way you’re positioning your services in the virtual realm are no longer relevant or in line with what’s happening “off line,” especially in channels that don’t get updated daily, like a website.