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On My Mind Lately … Project Framing in Emerging Market Research

July 17, 2015  Author: Brianna

At Sylver Consulting, we approach all of our work with a problem-solving mindset. Any question or study that comes our way begins with a solid contextual conversation on what’s the end game; meaning how is our client intending to use the research findings to support future decision-making within their organization? And, as part of that […]

Market Growth with Firefox OS

July 1, 2014  Author: Perry Shaffer

We were so interested to see this great article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek concerning Mozilla’s growth in emerging markets. Sylver was able to contribute to the market research for the Firefox OS, and we’re pleased to see the innovation and development linked to their presence in new mobile technology. Is the Firefox Mobile Operating System a […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research: An Insider’s Look at Latin America

February 14, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting’s Rebecca S. Kuchar and Adriano B. Galvao sat down to discuss a topic near and dear to their hearts — research and innovation in Brazil and other Latin American markets. RSK: Adriano, as someone who was born in Brazil and is now living in the U.S., you’ve been fortunate to conduct a considerable […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research — Oops: Gestures Gone Wrong in Backrooms Around the World

December 2, 2011  Author: Rebecca

So, you’re working on a global qualitative research project in a country you’ve never visited before. The lights in the backroom have dimmed. You turn up the volume on your headset to hear the simultaneous interpreter speaking your language. And you watch as your moderator greets the research participants, welcoming them to their seats. So […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research — Interpreting the Arab World, Part 3

October 28, 2011  Author: Rebecca

In this third and final part of our interview, specialist interpreter Dima Anbari talks to us about how she came to found Tanweer MENA and what her hopes are for the future in the Middle East. For central location studies in the Middle East, how can observers in the viewing room get the most out […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research — Interpreting the Arab World, Part 2

October 21, 2011  Author: Rebecca

Welcome back, as we continue with the second part of our interview with Dima Anbari, a specialist interpreter and translator based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Here she delves deeper into cultural, language and gender issues in the Middle East. What advice do you have for researchers looking to do a global study […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research — Interpreting the Arab World, Part 1

October 14, 2011  Author: Rebecca

This interview is part of a series of blog posts on the challenges and rewards of orchestrating global and multi-cultural research. We’ve been talking with some of our favorite partners around the world to learn more about their unique markets and how they’ve become the great researchers we love to work with. We hope you […]

3 Tips on Achieving Diary Study Success Despite Socioeconomic Barriers

June 3, 2011  Author: Brianna

Our recent three part series on diary studies took a look at the mechanics and best practices of conducting a diary study. But, what do you do when levels of education and accessibility to technology don’t align with how you might conduct your average diary study? Do you abandon ship, assuming that this is the very best research method to use for the data that you seek? At Sylver, we say “not necessarily.” Instead, you get creative and start thinking outside of the box.

Video about Cross Cultural Class taught at IIT’s Institute of Design in collaboration with ESPM is out

May 10, 2010  Author: Adriano

Back in January I wrote a post about a 7-week class Brianna was going to teach at the Institute of Design (ID), IIT called “Cross Cultural Research”.

Brianna teaches a course on Cross Cultural Research at the Institute of Design (ID), IIT in Chicago, IL in collaboration with ESPM in São Paulo, Brazil.

January 27, 2010  Author: Adriano

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that Brianna is involved in. On March 16, 2010, Brianna will kick off a class at the Institute of Design (ID), IIT called “Cross Cultural Research.”