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On My Mind Lately … Project Framing in Emerging Market Research

July 17, 2015  Author: Brianna

At Sylver Consulting, we approach all of our work with a problem-solving mindset. Any question or study that comes our way begins with a solid contextual conversation on what’s the end game; meaning how is our client intending to use the research findings to support future decision-making within their organization? And, as part of that […]

Translations: A Sticky Side of Global Research

July 17, 2015  Author: Jen Gzesh

One thing I enjoy so much about working at Sylver is the ability to work on projects around the world. Learning about other cultures and comparing those learnings to my U.S.-centric mindset is always an enjoyable and insight-rich experience. What may surprise you is that I have gotten so much out of these projects without […]

Defining Brazil’s Emerging Middle Class

April 9, 2013  Author: Brianna

I’m brimming with excitement and pride as I write this post today. Sylver Consulting has conducted numerous projects in Brazil, spanning government and automotive to healthcare and consumer goods. Occasionally, we can’t help but notice certain trends rising across multiple clients and studies. No trend has been more prevalent in recent years than clients wanting […]

Postcard from the Edge of Global Research: Can You Tell What Language Someone Speaks? Well, Sim — and Nyet.

February 28, 2013  Author: Rebecca

So, I don’t know about you, but when I’m traveling overseas — or even when I’m just touring around domestically — I’m absolutely fascinated listening to the multitude of languages, dialects and accents I hear along the way — waiting in the security line, getting settled on a plane, checking into my hotel. I’m always thinking, […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research: An Insider’s Look at Latin America

February 14, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting’s Rebecca S. Kuchar and Adriano B. Galvao sat down to discuss a topic near and dear to their hearts — research and innovation in Brazil and other Latin American markets. RSK: Adriano, as someone who was born in Brazil and is now living in the U.S., you’ve been fortunate to conduct a considerable […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Capturing (and Sharing) the Climb

January 23, 2013  Author: Brianna

2012 gave Sylver the opportunity to help Mozilla chart new territory related to the development of their new mobile phone, taking us to Brazil and other locales in Latin America. Beyond the work being cool, (Come on, studying mobile behaviors in emerging markets? Can we say AWESOME!), it’s been a new, different, and wonderful experience […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Mobile Phone Usage in Brazil

December 6, 2012  Author: Admin

Part 4 of the Mozilla Brazil mobile phone series tackles the issue of phone usage in Brazil. It turns out that many Brazilian consumers have more than one mobile phone. It’s not unusual for mobile users in Brazil to have multiple phones, plans and SIM cards, as they work the system to get the biggest […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Mobile Phone Sources in Brazil

November 29, 2012  Author: Admin

In Part 3 of the Mozilla series on Brazil, the UX team reports in from the field with information on where people get their mobile phones. The research Mozilla and Sylver did in collaboration revealed that stores were not the number one source for mobile phones in Brazil. Rather, consumers of the C-class rely on […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Middle Class Money Strategies in Brazil

October 17, 2012  Author: Admin

In Part 2 of Mozilla’s series on Brazil, the UX team discusses how the Brazilian C-Class’ views on money have impacted their product strategy. Prior to fieldwork, a fair amount of secondary research was done. It became apparent quite quickly that Americans and Brazilians relate to money and think about purchasing differently. Digging deeper to […]

Postcards from the Edge of Global Research — Oops: Gestures Gone Wrong in Backrooms Around the World

December 2, 2011  Author: Rebecca

So, you’re working on a global qualitative research project in a country you’ve never visited before. The lights in the backroom have dimmed. You turn up the volume on your headset to hear the simultaneous interpreter speaking your language. And you watch as your moderator greets the research participants, welcoming them to their seats. So […]