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What Does Authenticity Really Mean to Millennials?

June 16, 2017  Author: Jean McDonnell

Utilizing the Power of Symbolics™ for Deriving Deep Meaning on a Quant. Scale Authenticity has become the “it” word for marketers attempting to connect with Millennial consumers. Hundreds of thousands of articles have been written on this topic. Many different traits (such as honesty, integrity, and transparency) have been used to define the quality of […]

Why Brand, Product and Company Transformation Often Fails: Reason #1

April 18, 2017  Author: Brianna

Transformation is not an artifact. It’s a change in mindset, a shift in perspective. And, yet, when the challenge of transformative change is called for in a brand, a product or a company everyone wants the answer to be hinged on an artifact—a tool, a deliverable, a process, a silver bullet, etc. Why? Because that […]

Sylver Consulting: Intern Insights

April 13, 2017  Author: Paula Ventrell

“Office culture” is a term often bounced around and intriguing to company leaders. And when reflecting on what this looks like at Sylver, the environment at Google was what my mind immediately bounced to. While I have not experienced it first hand, I have seen and read a multitude of reports on how ‘cool’ Google’s […]

Five Reasons Why Innovation Processes Fail

February 28, 2017  Author: sylver

I’ve been working in innovation for 15 years now. I’ve supported many different organizations (small, medium and large) to define, develop and execute innovation processes in their organizations. I’ve learned a few things in that time. When innovation fails, most people want to point to the product or service itself as the reason for the […]

How to Win with Millennials? Stop Generalizing Them and Quit Asking How “I” Can Win

September 22, 2016  Author: Jean McDonnell

How to Win with Millennials? Stop Generalizing Them and Quit Asking How “I” Can Win I’m what you might call an “ambivalent” Millennials expert. I’ve spent an entire career studying and following this particular generational cohort from their early childhood years up through their transition into adolescence, young adulthood, and more recently into parenthood. I’ve […]

What Type of Market Research Community is Right for You?

August 11, 2016  Author: Rob Maihofer

          By Robert Maihoffer   As Sylver’s Senior Quantitative Market Research Analyst, I find myself often in conversations with clients about communities. The trend I see is that clients today are looking at customer communities as a means to increase the speed of insight delivery and to reduce project-fielding costs. What […]

Online Moderation: Engaging with People, Not Sea-Monkeys

June 30, 2016  Author: Matthew

                      Image credit:   Sylver Consulting has been moderating online communities for seven years now. In that time, we’ve learned a thing or two about what an online community is vs. what it is not. We’ve also gained some practical tips on what it […]

The UX Careers Handbook is here!

June 21, 2016  Author: Brianna

We are thrilled to announce that our President and Founder, Brianna Sylver, was recently published in a comprehensive new resource for the UX world. Grab a copy of The UX Careers Handbook to see what she has to say in her write-up, “UX For Market Researchers.”

Diffusing the War Between Market Researchers and User Experience Researchers

May 16, 2016  Author: Brianna

As many of you know, Sylver Consulting is uniquely positioned in the marketplace at the intersection of Market Research, User Experience and Strategy. I’ve always known this positioning to be valuable to Sylver’s clients. Yet, up until a year ago, I was continually dissatisfied with all articulations that I had attempted to define the specific […]

Upping the Ante on Hybrid Methodologies Brings a Holistic View to Positioning

March 22, 2016  Author: Jean McDonnell

In preparation for this month’s edition of Sylver’s newsletter, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the nature and evolution of what is commonly referred to in the insights industry as “hybrid” research. As someone who has been trained in both qualitative and quantitative methods and has used each approach individually and in combination […]