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The UX Careers Handbook is here!

June 21, 2016  Author: Brianna

We are thrilled to announce that our President and Founder, Brianna Sylver, was recently published in a comprehensive new resource for the UX world. Grab a copy of The UX Careers Handbook to see what she has to say in her write-up, “UX For Market Researchers.”

15… 16… More Diverse Points of View

November 17, 2015  Author: Matthew

Reflecting on the current year, my immediate emotions are happiness and excitement; 2015 was a year of fun and challenging research due to the diversity of projects and within projects (client, scale, topic, problem to solve, approach, etc.) that I was a part of. Adding to the excitement was the copious amount of participants I […]

On My Mind Lately … Project Framing in Emerging Market Research

July 17, 2015  Author: Brianna

At Sylver Consulting, we approach all of our work with a problem-solving mindset. Any question or study that comes our way begins with a solid contextual conversation on what’s the end game; meaning how is our client intending to use the research findings to support future decision-making within their organization? And, as part of that […]

Translations: A Sticky Side of Global Research

July 17, 2015  Author: Jen Gzesh

One thing I enjoy so much about working at Sylver is the ability to work on projects around the world. Learning about other cultures and comparing those learnings to my U.S.-centric mindset is always an enjoyable and insight-rich experience. What may surprise you is that I have gotten so much out of these projects without […]

5 Market Research “Souvenirs” from Latin America

July 15, 2015  Author: Adriano

Anxious about your next research project? Imagine that global initiative to develop a new offering to low-income consumers, which includes Latin America, is launching soon. What if things don’t go as planned with the research? What if the outcome of the research is such that it puts your job at risk? Launching a high-stakes research […]

It’s official!! The title of “biggest” now goes to Millennials

July 7, 2015  Author: Jean McDonnell

              Perhaps you thought that the topic of Millennials could not get any bigger. Well, you’d be wrong. 2015 is a very big-deal year for Millennials. A double-hitting, record-breaking year, in fact. 1. This is the year that Millennials surpass the outsized Baby Boom generation as the nation’s largest […]

Stand out with market research: how can your company use market research strategically?

April 6, 2015  Author: Adriano

  ________________________________________________ Have you ever wondered where all U.S. market research investments are going and how market research can be valuable for your company? Check out this easy-to-follow infographic that shows how market research methods transform investments into high value outcomes in a three-step process: 1. Total Investments Made (2014 estimate): This section compares the […]

Market Growth with Firefox OS

July 1, 2014  Author: Perry Shaffer

We were so interested to see this great article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek concerning Mozilla’s growth in emerging markets. Sylver was able to contribute to the market research for the Firefox OS, and we’re pleased to see the innovation and development linked to their presence in new mobile technology. Is the Firefox Mobile Operating System a […]

Sylver and Mozilla Deliver Engaging Presentation at Northwestern University

May 22, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting’s President, Brianna Sylver, and Mozilla’s User Experience Research Manager, Cori Schauer, recently shared background and insights from their collaborative work together in Latin America at Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute. Their presentation, “Designing for the Next 2 Billion Users: Firefox OS Focuses on Emerging Markets,” showcased how their collaborative efforts to understand the values, […]

Sylver’s president, Brianna Sylver to Present at Northwestern University with Mozilla on Impacts of Latin America Study Findings

April 25, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver’s founder and president, Brianna Sylver, announced today that she, along with Mozilla’s user experience research lead, Cori Schauer, will be speaking at Northwestern University on May 7, 2013. In their one hour talk, Sylver and Schauer will dive into their topic, “Designing for the Next 2 Billion Users: Firefox OS Focuses on Emerging Markets” […]