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Sylver Consulting’s Jean McDonnell appointed to Pearson’s K-12 Customer & Product Insight’s Advisory Board

October 8, 2014  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting’s Director of Innovation Research and Strategy, Jean McDonnell, is one of six researchers nationwide asked to serve on the Pearson K-12 Customer & Product Insights Advisory Board. This will be Jean’s second year in service to the board. The idea for the Board (founded in 2012) emerged from Pearson’s “Efficacy Initiative”, a top-down […]

Sylver’s 11th Birthday

September 12, 2014  Author: Perry Shaffer

Sylver Consulting just celebrated it’s 11th anniversary, so the team decided to reflect on where we all were eleven years ago. Brianna: September 10th, 2003, Brianna was crammed into her bedroom closet, avoiding the noise of construction on the street while she closed her first client on the phone for Sylver Consulting. An inauspicious beginning […]

Sylver’s Adriano Braun Galvao Teaches Design Thinking at CEDIM in Mexico

July 3, 2013  Author: Admin

. Sylver Consulting’s Vice President, Adriano Braun Galvao, recently traveled to CEDIM in Monterrey, Mexico to teach the Innovation and Implementation module as part of their Certificate in Innovation and Design Thinking (CID) program. The CID is a “five-month program focused on the design implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions that meet concrete needs of […]

Sylver’s president, Brianna Sylver to Present at Northwestern University with Mozilla on Impacts of Latin America Study Findings

April 25, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver’s founder and president, Brianna Sylver, announced today that she, along with Mozilla’s user experience research lead, Cori Schauer, will be speaking at Northwestern University on May 7, 2013. In their one hour talk, Sylver and Schauer will dive into their topic, “Designing for the Next 2 Billion Users: Firefox OS Focuses on Emerging Markets” […]

Sylver’s Adriano Braun Galvao to Moderate at the 2013 Kellogg Latin America Business Conference

February 22, 2013  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting, the international innovation research and strategy firm, will be in good company on the first Saturday in March, as it convenes with industry leaders and entrepreneurs interested in the evolving business landscape in Latin America. Sylver’s founder and president, Brianna Sylver, announced today that the company’s vice president, Adriano Braun Galvao, will be moderating […]

Goodbye 2012; Hello 2013!

December 18, 2012  Author: Brianna

As we sit in our new — and rockin’ — workshop space, the entire team is amazed how quickly 2012 has passed. We started the year with some ambitious goals, in hopes of continuing to build the momentum we had created in 2011.  We’re thrilled to report that we met all goals for 2012 and […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Middle Class Money Strategies in Brazil

October 17, 2012  Author: Admin

In Part 2 of Mozilla’s series on Brazil, the UX team discusses how the Brazilian C-Class’ views on money have impacted their product strategy. Prior to fieldwork, a fair amount of secondary research was done. It became apparent quite quickly that Americans and Brazilians relate to money and think about purchasing differently. Digging deeper to […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

October 9, 2012  Author: Admin

Sylver Consulting recently partnered up with the User Experience Research team of Mozilla to study how the middle class of Brazil thinks about their phones and its uses and how Mozilla could best design the user experience for Firefox OS. Mozilla is documenting the process on their blog in a five part series with the […]

Sylver President Teaches Students About Research Methods for Product Development

October 8, 2012  Author: Admin

Before the data can be analyzed, the research has to be done and choosing the right method is critical to the process, especially when it comes to product development. Sylver’s president, Brianna Sylver, will be teaching a course later this month at IIT Institute of Design to help students better understand and plan research in a methodical and purposeful way. The class will be a studio course and highly interactive and will use both theory and examples to meet…

A Quick Glance Back As We Prepare To Move Forward

December 21, 2011  Author: sylver

It’s that time of year when we’re all frantically rushing to get everything done. Like many of you, amidst the holiday frenzy, we’re also planning for the new year. But, before we look forward to 2012, let’s take a look at a few things we hoped to achieve in 2011 and how we did: 1. […]