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How is Collaboration and Co-Creation done differently at Sylver Consulting?

  Some months ago I shared my perspective on how innovation research (the kind practiced here at Sylver Consulting) is different from market research. I noted four key points of difference – one of which is Syler’s use of process-oriented activities, particularly collaboration and co-creation. I understood then that a well-structured process is essential as […]

Co-Creation in Action – A Sylver Success Story

One of Sylver’s strengths is supporting organizations that need to grow and evolve, because for some reason the way they currently do business is not sufficient. It could be that the market landscape is shifting, or that the current way they operate cannot support their aggressive growth goals. Whatever may be causing the shake up, […]

Jen’s Ruminations on Co-Creation

As we have been preparing for this “co-creation”-themed newsletter, I have thought a lot about what I personally believe co-creation is. It is a term that is used so often in the innovation industry, and a word we use to represent many meanings. I read many articles about what other people believe the term means, […]

Optimizing the “Quiet Collaborations” of Your Organization

People typically associate collaboration with bringing people together. And, in our industry and especially the UX side of our business, collaboration is often expressed through a wall of post-it notes that is the resulting artifact of some intense group work.   While these definitions and images of collaboration are true, they don’t give credit to […]