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On My Mind Lately… Attitude and Culture

Sylver Consulting is currently seeking a new Quant. Analyst to bring onto staff (see description here). As we meet with candidates and reflect on past hiring decisions made in our 11 years of business, I’m struck by the level of importance that I personally place on attitude — both when evaluating candidates for new positions […]

How Researching Education Gave Me Insight Into Innovation

Over the past 2 years, I have been fortunate to work on a number of interesting and exciting projects for a well-respected educational company. I admire this client and revel in conducting research for them, as they have become increasingly open to hearing from their users and using what they learn to better their organization […]

Adapting Communications with Slack

We are continually reviewing and thinking about new technologies that can be added to our toolbox that will improve our quality of work. Our current array of active tools includes solutions purchased from third party vendors and technologies developed in-house. (Qualitative research platforms, video editing software, quantitative software, etc.) We also like to be aware […]

Forging Connections

Just a few weeks ago I celebrated my one-year anniversary as an “official” full-time team member at Sylver Consulting. And what a remarkable year it’s been! I’ve been to Spain (hola!) and Russia (zdrast-vwee-tye!) and traveled multiple times to Dallas, TX (howdy!), among other US destinations. Side by side with my Sylver team members, I’ve […]

Job Posting: Quantitative Analyst

  Do you consider yourself a trailblazer when it comes to customer insights and innovation? Do you get all “geeked out” when a client poses his/her challenge and you get to custom design the best research plan that addresses his/her question within the constraints of his/her budget and timeline? Do you believe the magic of […]