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Sylver and Mozilla: Middle Class Money Strategies in Brazil

In Part 2 of Mozilla’s series on Brazil, the UX team discusses how the Brazilian C-Class’ views on money have impacted their product strategy. Prior to fieldwork, a fair amount of secondary research was done. It became apparent quite quickly that Americans and Brazilians relate to money and think about purchasing differently. Digging deeper to […]

Sylver and Mozilla: Take a Peek Behind the Scenes

Sylver Consulting recently partnered up with the User Experience Research team of Mozilla to study how the middle class of Brazil thinks about their phones and its uses and how Mozilla could best design the user experience for Firefox OS. Mozilla is documenting the process on their blog in a five part series with the […]

Sylver President Teaches Students About Research Methods for Product Development

Before the data can be analyzed, the research has to be done and choosing the right method is critical to the process, especially when it comes to product development. Sylver’s president, Brianna Sylver, will be teaching a course later this month at IIT Institute of Design to help students better understand and plan research in a methodical and purposeful way. The class will be a studio course and highly interactive and will use both theory and examples to meet…