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Pinterest And Research: An Obvious Match

My official title around here is “Administrative Coordinator” but around the Sylver offices, I’m more affectionately known as the Social Media Goddess.  I earned this nickname in part because I am passionate about watching and keeping up with the latest in social media trends. One of those trends is the fast-growing newcomer, Pinterest.  Unless you’ve […]

A Worldwide Qual Quandary — Adding Creative Tasks + Homework

I love writing discussion guides. Certainly, there is that “blank slate” moment, when you’re just not sure where to start. But then you begin jotting down new ideas, slapping sticky notes onto the wall and rearranging your questions and activities to arrive at a wonderfully logical discussion flow. So finally, the first draft of your […]

Brianna Sylver Featured As Innovative Entrepreneur

Everybody is talking about innovation and we’ve already discussed our own perspectives on innovation.  Recently, however, Brianna was featured in an International Association of Women Entrepreneurs Online article sharing some of our “Sylver Secrets” to innovation when it comes to our own team.  Check out her input and tips from 18 other innovative entrepreneurs: