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Brianna Sylver to Speak at UX Week 2011

Brianna Sylver, President of Sylver Consulting, a Chicago-based innovation research and strategy consulting firm, is a featured workshop instructor at this year’s UX Week 2011 in San Francisco, CA. The workshop, entitled “Become a Data Whisperer: Turn Research into Design Opportunity,” is designed to show attendees how to leverage a variety of analysis and synthesis […]

Apple’s Future Thinking Approach

There are many interesting companies out there applying Future Thinking, but Apple might just be the best example of an organization that can think ahead cohesively and create systemic, repeatable plans for the future.

3 Tips on Achieving Diary Study Success Despite Socioeconomic Barriers

Our recent three part series on diary studies took a look at the mechanics and best practices of conducting a diary study. But, what do you do when levels of education and accessibility to technology don’t align with how you might conduct your average diary study? Do you abandon ship, assuming that this is the very best research method to use for the data that you seek? At Sylver, we say “not necessarily.” Instead, you get creative and start thinking outside of the box.