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Diary Studies Part 2: Defining the Scope of Your Diary Study

In part 1 of our Diary Studies series , we discussed how to choose the medium(s) to leverage in your diary study. Today we want to focus on how to set up your project.

Diary Studies Part 1-Choosing the Medium of Your Diary Study

We’ve been asked a lot of questions lately about diary studies and how they can best be used in qualitative research. We’ve broken down our thoughts into three separate discussions: Diary Mediums, Defining the Scope of Your Diary Study and Best Practices for Managing Your Diary Study. We’ll start the discussion in today’s post about […]

The Camera Study Dilemma: Is digital really better?

The debate between digital vs. film is not limited to professional photographers. It’s also a debate that occurs within research circles in reference to camera studies.

QR Codes: An Innovation in Networking

As you flip through the pages of a magazine these days, you might have started to notice these small square boxes with random pixilations and wondered what kind of secret code it was. It’s actually not so much a secret as it is a surprise.

Innovation Gets a Political Nod

Healthcare is a topic of heated debate. Immigration is a topic of national disagreement. The economy is a source of tired discontent. Innovation, however, is a platform for the future.