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How not to botch customer service

I fly a lot. And despite loyalty perks I still feel like I’m one cow among a herd being shepherded into the barn from the moment I get to the airport to the time I arrive at my destination. (For those that find the analogy strange, I grew up in rural American in a county that used to have more cows than people.)

Frito-Lay makes list of world’s most innovative companies

Fast Company just released their 2010 report on the world’s most innovative companies. One of our clients, Frito-Lay, comes in at the 28th spot on the top 50 list

What’s the benefit of innovation research?

A few weeks back I wrote about how I was feeling uncomfortable with a recent thread in the industry stating that the way to get ahead in the marketplace is to stop listening to your customer and to focus on your competition. If you’ve taken any time to peruse our website, you can understand why I’m against this viewpoint, as it fundamentally goes against how we work and the value that we provide back to our clients on a daily basis. But saying that we provide value is one thing. Showing numbers to prove the value that we provide is quite another.