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Three interesting tidbits from my morning reading

When time permits, I like to start my mornings reading all the daily newsletters, publications, etc. that have accumulated in my inbox from the day before. I had that time this morning and came across a few really interesting things. I thought I’d share… 1. Vicon Revue-A new camera that could revolutionize remote research

Brianna teaches a course on Cross Cultural Research at the Institute of Design (ID), IIT in Chicago, IL in collaboration with ESPM in São Paulo, Brazil.

We’re excited to announce a new initiative that Brianna is involved in. On March 16, 2010, Brianna will kick off a class at the Institute of Design (ID), IIT called “Cross Cultural Research.”

Should you rethink listening to your customers? I don’t think so.

A thread of discussion in the industry lately, stating that the way to get ahead is to stop listening to your customer, is leaving me a bit uncomfortable. The premise of this conversation is that reaching out to your customers is only allowing you to get to the next incremental improvement on an existing product or service, while the big innovation is being left on the table.