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What can we learn from the “Dumbest” Generation?

Last month, I spoke at the World Future Society’s (WFS) annual conference in Chicago. One of the most thought provoking talks I heard was the Opening Keynote about the Net Generation–the young people who are changing and will change our world in profound ways. This generation is comprised of the children of the baby boomers, […]

Who said good for you has to mean “tastes like cardboard?”

Just came across Fast Company’s list of 10 most creative people in food today. It was a great pleasure to see Becky Frankiewicz, VP of Portfolio Marketing for Frito-Lay North America featured. Straight from the pages of Fast Company: Who says good for you has to mean “tastes like cardboard”? Frankiewicz is leading the shift […]

Putting knowledge before intellectual property

We’ve tossed around the idea many times of creating a consortium of non-competing companies that could share research and ideas to help further along a cause. In particular, consortiums around health care, education, and Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) innovation are generally where our ideas coalesce. Yet, we’ve never gotten to the point of realizing […]