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The Helsinki School of Economics explores ways to use Design Ethnography in Finnish Bottom of the Pyramid research

I met with a research team at the Helsinki School of Economics this past Friday to share fundamentals of Design Ethnography, as the team is exploring how they might use parts of this method in their upcoming Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) research. I kicked off the half-day workshop by giving an overview of what […]

Headed to Finland

Today I make my journey to Finland. I’ll be there for nearly two weeks participating in a workshop related to the iBoP Asia grant that I’ve been working on with Emerging Futures Lab. The end goal of the project grant is to develop a new payment strategy/ transaction model for assisting a low-income, Bottom of […]

Innovation as a learning process

Ever wonder specifically what skill sets are required to have a top-notch innovation team? Roger Shealy has put together a powerful and information five-minute video on the topic. Check it out.

Three common market research mistakes

1. The decisions that need to be informed by the outcomes of the research haven’t been clearly articulated at the start of the project. 2. The research has been scoped incorrectly. In some instances the project scope has been too limited, not allowing the researcher enough visibility into potential barriers to the acceptance of the […]

Sylver Consulting’s New Blog Focuses on Making Research Count

Developed to generate dialogue between the business community, researchers and all readers who want to be tuned in to innovative and breakthrough ideas, Sylver’s blog made its debut on Sylver’s web site on April 7. Sylver’s blog features commentary from Brianna Sylver, President of Sylver Consulting and Adriano Galvao, PhD, Vice-President. “As a researcher, I […]

What makes a “Wow” product?

In my opinion, there’s a difference between having a product with a good customer experience and one that delivers a “wow” experience. A “wow” experience is hard to come by. (As is a good customer experience if you don’t take the proper precautions during a product’s development, but that’s for another post…) In order for […]

We’re blogging…finally!

My friend Niti Bhan has been after me for five years to “get blogging.” And then more recently, our Communications Specialist, Andrea Camara, has been prodding me monthly, “What if…”. Obviously, I’ve been reluctant. I’ve understood the theoretical value of having a blog right from the start. I’ve never needed convincing on that. It’s that […]